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For email support visit Spy Software Bureau and ask any technical or sales question related to one of our product. Please review our FAQ below.


1. Software products MAC will be delivered to your email and be available for download IMMEDIATELY after purchase.

2. KeyCobra USB MAC Hardware keylogger will be shipped to you and should arrive within 1-2 weeks. We can even provide you with a tracking ID for your peace of mind.

COMPATIBILITY:  All our software products are designed for MAC computers. They work on all the lastest MAC O/S, such as tiger and leopard. For Windows Based software keyloggers visit or Our hardware keyloggers work on Windows, Linux and MAC as long as you have a USB port.

REFUNDS:  Because of the nature of our products, we cannot offer refunds, unless the product does not work on your machine or something is wrong with the product.

SPYING:  Spying or monitoring your own computer is perfectly legal, however if you chose to monitor a computer you own or do not have permission to administrate all legal, ethical and morally responsibility will be yours. We cannot support or answer any questions pertaining to illegal spying activity.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: If you require any additional assistance, simple visit the Spy Software Bureau web site and read more or contact us through their site. They are our parent parent company's technical support provider.