The one an only official source for spying On Your Apple MAC O/S Computer. Now you can buy a hardware or software keyloggers completely compatible with MACs and you can find out the truth about what is happening on your apple computer. Keyloggers are no longer exclusive to law enforcement and spy agencies, or PCs, they are now readily available to the public for use on your MAC. We have Mac keyloggers for every price range

We have the BEST Mac Keyloggers available on the market!

Spytech Keystroke Spy

Keystroke Spy is a powerful tool that can log every keystroke users type and capture screenshots of their activities. Keystroke Spy can run in total stealth, deliver keystroke logs to you remotely via email, and even alert you when specific keywords are typed. With Keystroke Spy you will be able to log websites users visit, emails they send, chat conversations, social networking activities, applications they interact with, typed documents, and see everything they did with visual screenshot recording!

Spytech Realtime Spy (MAC)

Spytech Realtime Spy Software is the latest in high-tech surveillance and spy software that allows you to remotely install the monitoring system and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal Realtime Spy Webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point your browser to your personal webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Realtime Spy on!

Only 83.74

REFOG Keylogger (MAC)

Running unobtrusively and undetectable in the background of your PC, Refog Keylogger will store everything your kids, copy and paste on the computer, capture periodic snapshots of the computer’s screen, log chats and social networking conversations and keep track of all Web resources and applications used on that PC.

Only 32.36

KeyCobra USB 2GB

The world's smallest and smartest USB 2GB hardware Mac keylogger. This Mac keystroke recorder stores up to 2 billion keystrokes and organizes them into an advanced flash FAT file system. Stores 2 billion keystrokes! We ship to anywhere in the world!
$ 98.41 - GREAT PRICE!

Perfect Keylogger

Perfect Keylogger for Mac OS X was the first Mac keylogger on the market with email support. Concerned parents and employers can stealth keystroke recording, captures screenshots and can send the logs by email. All this in real time. Mac OS X Tiger & Leopard are supported.


iPad Keylogger

iPad Keylogger the first and most advanced software of its kind, iPad Keylogger works on iPad, iPhone and iPods. This is the ultimate spy software for your mobile device. You can even change devices with one license as many times as you want.